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LCN from Germany focused on supplying Professional and Reliable products for Nails, Hand and Foot Care. The mother company, Wilde Dental, founded in 1914, having over 100 years of resin material production experience, was the first European manufacturer of High Performance Light-Curing Nail Resin System. The business has now expended to over 75 countries in the world.


Wilde is always dedicated to research and develop various high-tech and innovative products to meet the market needs while strictly abide by the Good Manufacturer Practice (GMP) of Germany that up to the EU Skin Care standards plus passed the various non-toxic quality tests in Germany and Switzerland. With years of caring experience and over 3,000 different units of quality products, LCN today has become the best Professional Nails, Hand and Foot Care brand in Hong Kong and many other countries in Asia.

LCN Product

Hand care

antiaging hand care set-small Lo 拷貝.jpg

Day & Night Anti Age Set


Goddess Hand Care Combo

SPA 24H Protection Serum.jpg

24H Protection Serum, 30ml

Foot care

foot pamper kit image-1000px.jpg

Foot  Care Set

coco scrub_edited.jpg

Coco Scrub 100ML

Exfoliating Cream-01.jpg

Exfoliating Cream 100ML

Nail care

nail Oil-2nd.jpg

Nail Oil 16ML

Nail Care set.jpg

Active Apricot Nail Growth 16ML

Nail Oil 16ML

Nail Hardener 16ML

About LCN Wholesale

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